Originally from the south of Germany, Ferdinger is a techno producer and DJ based in Paris since 2018.

Although grounded in the Berlin and UK electronic music scenes since the early days, his influences extend much further. Eclectic and varied, the range of his scope encompasses amongst others hip-hop, Krautrock and contemporary music. Moreover, Ferdinger’s ongoing obsession with azulejo and oriental tile patterns as well as Brutalist architecture inform and bring a further layer to his musical practice.

In his personal productions and DJ sets Ferdinger strives for a sphere of hypnotic, dynamic and minimalistic grooves. A key element is evolution and variety in repetition, with a focus on unique timbres, structural form and diverse sound textures.

2020 has seen him debut on the renowned ARTS X series with his EP Sog and release the third EP on his own label Life In Patterns.

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