Sofie Sapuna

Picture by Tim Fischer


Sofie Sapuna, stands for dark mystic sounds, elegantly combines rolling drums with prevailing techno. Her musical journey starts in her young years when she started to play analog instruments. The enthusiasm for electronic music showed itself in her interest in different instruments which she began recording and editing on the computer. Also, the club scene has influenced her musical way and the endless love for techno.

In 2017 Sofie Sapuna released on the popular cologne label Metromusik Records. She loves the darkness in the music when the claps overlap and cross-over through which she gets the opportunity to tell her own story through her tracks.

That drives, keeps her going, and motivates her to express her emotions further.

March 2020 Sofie Sapuna released her ‘99 Miles to heaven‘ EP on Drumcomplex label, Complexed Record.

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